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Welcome to the SSCCC new website! 

The Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) pursues policies that will improve student access, promote student success, engage and empower local student leaders, and enrich the collegiate experience for all California community college students. 

Our Impact This Year

  • College Delegates


  • CCC Students

    2.1 Million

  • Students Engaged


  • Colleges Activated


The SSCCC thrives when we work together for good. Get involved and engage with the SSCCC through our regions, governance groups, social media, listservs. Read more about us and why student participation is essential. 

News & Notes

The Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) represents students from the most diverse student population in the nation, California community colleges. After the unjust murder of George Floyd in May 2020, the SSCCC began to work actively within the higher education system to initiate change because we had seen too much of others talking about the issue without taking meaningful action.

The Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) acknowledges the nearly 100-year movement that led up to the amendment’s ratification. While a big step forward, we recognize that history repeatedly tells us a single story that excludes the racism, sexism, and classism within the movement that discriminated against suffragists of color. Within the battle for the right to vote, countless Black, Native, Asian, and Latinx suffragists were ostracized by those they worked alongside in a movement themed around equality.